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Accession number 1995.28
Catalog Number 1995.28.17
Object Name Pistol
Description US M 1816 Flintlock Pistol w/ wooden ramrod.

The pistol has a wooden handle with steel and brass components. The steel barrel is held onto the wooden stock at the front of the gun with a steel forend cap, which is in turn held in place with a steel pin inserted into the proper right side of the gun. The steel trigger guard is held onto the bottom of the gun with two steel nails/tacks. The trigger protrudes through the slot in the guard and is also made of ferrous metal. The steel strip running down the top of the handle and the steel but plate at the bottom of the handle are both held on with large, Philips head steel screws (0.9-1.3cm diameter screw heads). The ferrous flintlock is on the proper right side of the gun and is attached through the wooden handle to the steel plate on the other side with large steel screws. The ferrous components of the flintlock include the cock screw, the cock, the cap and cap screw, the frizzen and the lock plate. The flash pan and the fore sight are made of brass. The flint being held in place with the cap is sandwiched in a leather (?) strip.

Some of the ferrous elements, including the butt plate and the forend cap appear to have a slight blue tinge to them. This may be an intentional "blueing" that was used as a corrosion inhibitor and glare reducer. This was created on ferrous metals with a hot alkaline process.

The ramrod is made from a lighter wood than the stock of the gun. It fits into the entry tube at the front of the gun below the muzzle. The tip of the ramrod (stored inside the gun) is made from ferrous metal.

Engravings on the steel components of the gun include an eagle on the flintlock plate with the letters U and S to either side of him and below the eagle it reads "MIDL N CON". Some of the inscription is hidden by corrosion and the cock. On the bottom of the brass flash pan there is an "X". On the top of the barrel near the flintlock there is "P US" and "IN". There is a "V" on the three screws holding the barrel and forend cap onto the wooden handle.

The North Model 1816 Army pistols resulted from a contract between Simeon North and the War Department in 1813, calling for 20,000 caliber .69 flintlock pistols. In 1816 the contract was altered from .69 caliber to .54.
Dimensions W-1.75 L-15 Cir-5 inches
Collection Militaria
Imagefile 002\19952817.JPG