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Accession number 2007.90
Call# E51 .A52 v. 59(4) 1994
Summary Soft covered journal "American Antiquity" Vol. 59 No. 4 October 1994; includes illustrations; 227 pp. Journal of the Society for American Archaeology. Includes Index for Volume 59.

SAA 1994 Award Recipients

Zinc as a Paleodietary Indicator: An Issue of Theoretical Validity in Bone-Chemistry Analysis, Joseph A. Ezzo.
Moving Out of the Archaic on the Edge of the Southwest, Michael E. Whalen.
Public and Private, Domestic and Corporate: The Emergence of the Southwest Asian Village, Brian F. Byrd.

Cynthia Irwin-Williams: 1936-1990, H. M. Worminton and George Agogino.
William Curry Holden: 1896-1993, Jane H. Kelley and Fred Wendorf.
R. L. Andrews: 1953-1990, J. M. Adovasio.

The Impact of Raw-Material Scarcity on Ground-Stone Manufacture and Use: An Example from the Phoenix Basin Hohokam, Tammy Stone.
The Production and Distribution of Classic Mimbres Black-on-White Pottery, Patricia A. Gilman, Veletta Canouts, and Ronald L. Bishop.
Strength Testing Archaeological Ceremanics: A New Perspective, Mark A. Neupert.
A Quantitative Diagnosis of Notches Made by Hammerstone Percussion and Carnivore Gnawing on Bovid Long Bones, Salvatore D. Capaldo and Robert J. Blumenschine.
Intrasite Spatial Analysis of Bone: Subtracting the Effect of Secondary Carnivore Consumers, Curtis W. Marean and Leanna Bertino.
Radiocarbon Dates on the All American Man Pictograph, Scott D. Chaffee, Marian Hyman, Marvin W. Rowe, Nancy J. Coulam, Alan Schroedl, and Kathleen Hogue.

Information on Current Research Submissions, Teresita Majewski (Coordinator).
Reviews and Book Notes, George T. Jones and Charlotte Beck (Editors).

"The Origins of Agriculture: An International Perspective, edited by C. Wesley Cowan and Patty Jo Watson," Frances B. King.
"Principles of Geoarchaeology: A North American Perspective, by Michael R. Waters," Julie K. Stein.
"Archaeological Method and Theory, Vol. 5, edited by Michael B. Schiffer," Sarah Schlanger.
"Resources, Power, and Inerregional Interaction, edited by Edward M. Schortman and Patricia A. Urban," Richard E. Blanton.
"Death, Society, and Ideology in a Hohokam Community, by Randall H. McGuire," Suzanne K. Fish.
"People of the Tonto Rim: Archaeological Discovery in Prehistoric Arizona, by Charles L. Redman," Stephanie M. Whittlesey.
"Australian Rock Art: A New Synthesis, by Robert Layton," Paul Faulstich.
"Abandonment of Settlements and Regions: Ethnoarchaeological and Archaeological Approaches, edited by Catherine M. Cameron and Steve A. Tomka," Alan P. Sullivan.
"What This Awl Means: Feminist Archaeology at a Wahpeton Dakota Village, by Janet D. Spector," Cheryl P. Claassen.
"Statements in Stone: Monuments and Society in Neolithic Brittany, by Mark Patton," Richard Bradley.
"Animal Use and Culture Change, edited by Pam J. Crabtree and Kathleen Ryan," Douglas J. Brewer.
"Early Pottery in the Southeast: Tradition and Innovation in Cooking Technology, by Kenneth A. Sassaman," Judith A. Bense.
"New Perspectives on Cahokia: Views from the Periphery, edited by James B. Stoltman," Timothy R. Pauketat.
"The Architecture and Stratigraphy. Excavations at 29SJ 627, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Vol. 1, by Marcia L. Truell; The Artifact Analysis. Excavations at 29SJ 627, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Vol. II, edited by Frances Joan Mathien," John W. Hohmann.
"Economy and Settlement in the Near East: Analyses of Ancient Sites and Materials, edited by Naomi F. Miller," Glenn M. Schwartz.
"Ideology and Pre-Columbian Civilizations, edited by Arthur A Demarest and Geoffrey W. Conrad," William H. Isbell.
"Archaeology of Oregon, by C. Melvin Aikens," John A. Draper.
"The Buried Past: An Archaeological History of Philadelphia, by John L. Cotter, Daniel G. Roberts, and Michael Parrinton," Christopher Matthews.
"Men Among the Mammoths: Victorian Science and the Discovery of Human Prehistory, by A. Bowdoin Van Riper," Brian M. Fagan.
"The Dawn of Belief: Religion in the Upper Palelithic of Southwestern Europe, by Bruce Dickson," Patricia C. Rice.

Book Notes:
Approaches to Material Culture Research For Historical Archaeologists; An Investigation of Image Processing Techniques at Pincevent Habitation No. 1, a Late Magdalenian Site in Northern France; Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle; The Sponemann Site 2: The Mississippian and Oneota Occupations; The Lohmann Site: An Early Mississippian Center in the American Bottom; Early Holocene Occupation in Northern New England; Archaeology and Ethnohistory of the Omaha Indians: The Big Village Site.

Index to Volume 59
Object Name Journal
Author Graves, Michael W., ed.
Title American Antiquity
Published Date October 1994
Physical Description 10" x 6 7/8" x 7/16"
Catalog Number 2007.90.15
Imagefile 021\20079015.JPG
LCNO E51 .A52 v. 59(4) 1994
Published Place Lawrence, Kansas
Publisher The Allen Press
Series Vol. 59