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Accession number 2007.90
Call# E51 .A52 v. 59(1) 1994
Summary "American Antiquity" Vol. 59 No. 1 January 1994;

Journal of the Society for American Archaeology.

New Directions in Americanist Archaeology, Michael W. Graves.
Charles Corradino Di Peso: Expanding the Frontiers of New World Prehistory, David E. Doyel.
Raw-Material Availability and the Organization of Technology, William Andrefsky, Jr.
Quantitative Units and Terminology in Zooarchaeology, R. Lee Lyman.

Ignacio Bernal: 1910-1992, Kent V. Flannery.
Richard H. Jordan: 1946-1991, WIlliam W. Fitzhugh.
Jonathon O. Davis: 1948-1990, Robert G. Elston.

The Human Remains from Carter Ranch Pueblo, Arizona: Health in Isolation, Marie Elaine Danforth, Della Collins Cook, and Stanley G. Knick III.
The Role of Stone Bladelets in Middle Woodland Society, George H. Odell.
The Significance of New Faunal Identifications Attributed to an Early Paleoindian (Gainey Complex) Occupation at the Udora Site, Ontario, Canada, Pere L. Storck and Arthur E. Spiess.

Contending with Contemporaneity in Settlement-Pattern Studies, Keith W. Kintigh.
Contending with Contemporaneity: A Reply to Kintigh, Robert E. Dewar.

Information on Current Research Submissions, Teresita Majewski (Coordinator).
Reviews and Book Notes, George T. Jones and Charlotte Beck (Editors).

Book reviews:
"Archaeological Method and Theory, Vol. 3, edited by Michael B. Schiffer," Stephen R. Durand.
"The Portable Radio in American Life, by Michael Brian Schiffer," Peter Bleed.
"A Marxist Archaeology, by Randall H. McGuire," Elizabeth M. Brumfiel.
"Experiencing the Past: On the Character of Archaeology, by Michael Shanks," Michael Brian Schiffer.
"Distributional Archaeology, by James I. Ebert," William S. Dancey.
"New York City Neighborhoods: The 18th Century, by Nan A. Rothschild," Valerie DeCarlo.
"Lew mines d'argent du duche de Lorraine au XVIeme siecle: Histoire et archeologie du Val de Liepvre (Haut-Rhin), by Jacques Grandemange," Martha Williams.
"Anthropology in China: Defining the Discipline, edited by Gregory Eliyu Guldin," Darby C. Stapp.
"The New Archaeology and Aftermath: A View from Outside the Anglo-American World, by K. Paddayya," Kurt E. Dongoske.
"Archaeological Curatorship, by Susan M. Pearce," Paul Katz.
"Archaeological Excavations at the Uxbridge Almshouse Burial Ground in Uxbridge Massachusetts, edited by Ricardo J. Elia and Al B. Wesolowsky," Julia G. Longenecker.
"The Campus Site: A Prehistoric Camp at Fairbanks, Alaska, by Charles M. Mobley," John W. Ives.
"Excavations at 29-SJ-633: The Eleventh Hour Site, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, edited by Frances Joan Mathien," Julia C. Lowell.
"Perspectives on the Past: Theoretical Biases in Mediterranean Hunter-Gatherer Research, edited by G.A. Clark; Change and Continuity in a Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Society: A Study of Cultural Adaptation in Late Glacial-Early Preglacial Southwestern Germany, by Berit Valentin Eriksen," Michael A. Jochim.
"What means these bones: Studies in Southeastern Bioarchaeology, edited by Mary Lucas Powell, Patricia S. Bridges, and Ann Marie Wagner Mires," Joan W. Chase.
"Health in Past Societies: Biocultural Interpretations of Human Skeletal Remains in Archaeological Contexts, edited by Helen Bush and Marek Zvelebil," Joan W. Chase.
"Feeding Cities: Specialized Animal Economy in the Ancient Near East, by Melinda A. Zeder," Brian Hesse.
"Diet and Sunsistence: Current Archaeolgical Perspecitves, edited by Brenda B. Kennedy and Genevieve M. Le Moine," T. Douglas Price.
"Soils in Archaeology: Landscape Evolution and Human Occupation, edited by Vance T. Holliday," Richard G. Reider.
"Deciphering a Shell Midden, edited by Julie K. Stein," Kenneth M. Ames.
"Ancient Andean Political Economy, by Charles Stanish," Timothy K. Earle.
"Lords of the Southeast: Social Inequality and the Native Elites of Southeastern North America, edited by Alex W. Barker and Timothy R. Pauketat," Christopher S. Peebles.
"Chiefdoms: Power, Economy, and Ideology, edited by TImothy Earle," Timothy R. Pauketat.
"Transitions to Agriculture in Prehistory, edited by Anne Birgitte Gebauer and T. Douglas Price," Michael J. O'Brien.

Book Notes:
Late Archaic Landscapes; Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Section, Odessa Segment of the U.S. Route 13 Corridor, New Castle County, Delaware; Anthropogenic Climatic Change; Les souterrains medievaux du Limousin: Approche methodologique; Boussargues (Argelliers, Herault): Un habitat ceinture chalcolithique: Les fouilles du secteur ouest; Agricultural Production in the ROman Economy A.D. 200-400; 'Of the Hut I Builded': The Archaeology of Australia's History; Archaeology in Alberta 1988 and 1989; The Private Chapel in Ancient Egypt; A Study of the Chapels in the Workmen's Village at El Amarna with Special Reference to Deir el Medina and Other Sites; Interpreting Artefact Scatters: Contributions to Ploughzone Archaeology; Chicago Before History: The Prehistoric Archaeology of a Modern Metropolitan Area.

SAA Annual Business Meeting
Object Name Journal
Author Graves, Michael W., ed.
Title American Antiquity
Published Date January 1994
Physical Description 10" x 6 7/8" x 3/8" softcover; 192 pp; illustrations
Catalog Number 2007.90.12
Imagefile 021\20079012.JPG
LCNO E51 .A52 v. 59(1) 1994
Published Place Lawrence, Kansas
Publisher The Allen Press
Series Vol. 59