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Accession number 2007.90
Call# E51 .A52 v.59(3) 1994
Summary Soft covered journal "American Antiquity" Vol. 59 No. 3 July 1994; includes illustrations; 191 pp. Journal of the Society for American Archeology

Gradual or Step-Wise Change: The Development of Sedentary Settlement Patterns in Northeast Mississippi, Janet Rafferty.
A Formal Approach to the Deisgn and Assembly of Mobile Toolkits, Steven L. Kuhn.
Wealth Finance in the Inka Empire: Evidence from the Calchaqui Valley, Argentina, Timothy Earle.

William Jean Beeson: 1926-1990, Jay Bouton Crain.
Marvin F. Kivett: 1917-1992, David Mayer Gradwohl.

Hedgepeth Mounds, an Archaic Mound Complex in North-Central Louisiana, Joe W. Saunders and Thurman Allen.
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Dates Confirm Early Zea mays in the Mississippi River Valley, Thomas J. Riley, Gregory R> Walz, Charles J. Bareis, Andrew C> Fortier, and Kathryn E. Parker.
The Effects of Stone and Technology on Fluted-Point Morphometry, Kenneth B. Tankersley.
Prehistoric Macaws and Parrots in the Mimbres Area, New Mexico, Darrell Creel and Chamion McKisick.
Comparison of 1/8"- and 1/4"- Mesh Recovery of Controlled Samples of Small-to-Medium-Sized Mammals, Brian S. Shaffer and Jlia L. J. Sanchez.

Social Archaeology in Latin America: An Appreciation, Thomas C. Patterson.

Consider the Hermaphroditic Mind: Comment on "The Interplay of Evidential Constraints and Political Interests: Recent Archaeological Research on Gender," Barbara J. Little.
What is Archaeology's "Mitigated Objectivism" Mitigated By: Comments on Wylie, Michael Fotiadis.
On "Capturing Facts Alive in the Past" (or Present): Response to Fotiadis and Little, Alison Wylie.

Information on Current Research Submissions, Teresita Majewski (Coordinator).
Reviews and Book Notes, George T. Jones and Charlotte Beck (Editors).

"Quandaries and Quests: Visions of Archaeology's Future, edited by LuAnn Wandsnider," Gerald F. Schroedl.
"Cermanic Production and Distribution: An Integrated Approach, edited by George J. Bey III and Christopher A. Pool," Carla M. Sinopoli.
"Archaeology and the Information Age: A Global Perspective, edited by Paul Reilly and Sebastian Rahtz," Hector Neff.
"Space, Time, and Archaeological Landscapes, edited by Jacqueline Rossignol and LuAnn Wandsnider," Stephen A. Kowalewski.
"From Bones to Behavior: Ethnoarchaeological and Experimental Contributions to the Interpretation of Faunal Remains, edited by Jean Hudson," Richard G. Klein.
"Beamers, Bobwhites, and Blue-Points: Tributes to the Career of Paul W. Parmalee, edited by James R. Purdue, Walter E. Klippel, and Bonnie W. Styles," Diane Gifford-Gonzalez.
"The First Americans: Search and Research, edited by Tom D. Dillehay and David J. Meltzer," Lawrence C. Todd.
"The Chaco Anasazi: Sociopolitical Evolution in the Prehistoric Southwest, by Lynne Sebastian," R. Gwinn Vivian.
"The Desert's Past: A Natural Prehistory of the Great Basin, by Donald K. Grayson," Vance T. Holliday.
"'The Caddo Nation': Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Perspecitves, by TImothy K. Perttula," George Sabo III.
"Rivers of Change: Essays on Early Agriculture in Eastern North America, by Bruce D. Smith," Robert C. Dunnell.
"Prehistoric Subsistence on the Southern New England Coast: The Record from Narragansett Bay, by David J. Bernstein," Arthur E. Speiss.
"Long-Term Subsistence Change in Prehistoric North America, edited by Dale R. Croes, Rebecca A. Hawkins, and Barry L. Isaac," Donna C. Roper.
"The American Indian: A Multimedia Encyclopedia, Cesare Marino, consultant," Christine A. Whittington and Stephen L. Whittington.
"Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, edited by Robert W. Ehrich," Chris Scarre.
"Historical Ethnography, Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Vol. 1, by Marshall Sahlins; The Archaeology of History, Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Vol. 2, by Patrick V. Kirch," Thomas J. Riley.
"Essays on the Prehistory of Maritime California, edited by Terry L. Jones," Joseph L. Chartkoff.
"Text-Aided Archaeology, edited by Barbara J. Little," Susan A. Dublin.
"Archaeology of Eastern North America: Papers in Honor of Stephen Williams, edited by James B. Stoltman," Albert C. Goodyear.
Middle and Late Woodland Research in Virginia: A Synthesis, edited by Theodore R. Reinhart and Marry Ellen N. Hodges," Mark F. Seeman.

Book Notes:
Rock Art of the Southern Black Hills; An Archaeologist's Guide to Chert and Flint; Stone Tool Procurement, Production, and Distribution in California Prehistory; Aspects of Early North American Merallurgy; Phytolith Systematics: Emerging Issues; Thedford II: A Paleo-Indian Site in the Ausable River Watershed of Southwestern Ontario; Cultural Variability in Context: Woodland Settlements of the Mid-Ohio Valley; Archaeology og Mississippi; Coles Creek and Mississippi Period Foragers in the Felsenthal Region of the Lower Mississippi Valley; The Petitt Site (11-AX-253). Alexander County, Illinois; Mississippian Village Textiles at Wickliffe; Prehistoric Basketry of the Lower Pecos, Texas.
Object Name Journal
Author Graves, Michael W., ed.
Title American Antiquity
Published Date July 1994
Physical Description 10" x 6 7/8" x 3/8"
Catalog Number 2007.90.14
Imagefile 021\20079014.JPG
LCNO E51 .A52 v.59(3) 1994
Published Place Lawrence, Kansas
Publisher The Allen Press
Series Vol. 59